Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Reflections...

Thank you Lord, for this beautiful Sunday! As I reflect on all my blessings, today I think of family....and I see sundays as being a day to sit back, relax, be thankful, and spend quality time with family. That is just what I did today. After church, we did not go anywhere. I spent time with the girls, played with the baby, cooked two healthy meals, and took care of my family. This is how it should be. It is so nice to slow down, and even through the temptation of thinking we need to run to the store to get something we need, we were able to say, "It can wait". And it can.

This last week was full as M started up piano lessons again, we spent time with some friends, and homeschool was back in full swing. Looking forward to another week full of homekeeping, schooling the girls, snuggling the baby, and taking the girls to their activities-basketball, gymnastics, ballet, piano, co-op. It's going to be a full week!

My DH has jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon with me, and I am so pleased! He even wrote out a food menu for each meal each day this week! We are resisting eating out as much as possible, and filling up on fresh fruits and vegetables, and even hearty dinners filled with all kinds of nutrients (but no meat or cheese!) I plan to post more about what we ate near the end of the week! I am so happy he has finally caught on! And, another celebration is that my 3 yr old, L, took a bite of her salad tonight and declared, "Yummy!!! I love salad now!" Good thing for her, because we will be having lots of green salad this week! The other day when I went to pick up some food at the grocery store, M begged to go with me. So, off we went. We spent most of our time in the produce dept., and as I watched my 8 yr. old daughter running around the isles picking up oranges, and cucumbers, and apples, and potatoes, and squealing with excitement as she skipped and jumped up with happiness, I thought, I must be doing something right! I have always made it a priority to feed my family nutritious foods, and to see how happy these foods make her, it really hit me that she gets it! These are the foods God provided for us to eat that are closest to nature and the way He created them, and they are what feed and nourish each cell of our body, and what keep us healthy. To think that she loves these healthy, natural, simple foods, and gets excited when I tell her yes, she can have an apple at home makes me smile!

Here's to a healthy, happy week ahead. Blessings!

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notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

I was sure I commented on this but I don't see it.

I think it is such a good reminder to keep the Sabbath, which in the past is something I really struggled with. It is amazing how we come to be more at peace and be more holy when we slow down, dedicate a day to the Lord and our family. A few years ago I stopped visiting shops or restaurants on a Sunday and that made a huge difference. Every once in a while I have to make an exception, but on the whole I try to stay away from anything consumer driven.

What a joy that M loves the right kind of food and isn't pushed by peers. I hope the piano lessons are going well.

And're doing more than just something right ;)