Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new friend for Lily!

Some people in our neighborhood just got their referral from China! Oh my goodness, she is cute!!

They waited a long time! When I look at how slow the China program has gotten, I am so thankful that we went with the waiting child/special needs program from the beginning. With a Dec. 06 log in date in China, we would still be waiting many years for our referral, and I have now seen on two different websites, including rainbow kids, that China has now stated that they are pretty much exclusively a waiting child program. They are slowly telling the world this, but if you look at the agencies, there are so many kids waiting! I looked at the website of the agency we used today, and there were over 40 little ones waiting!!! This is huge compared to how many used to be on their site in the past. There is also a large list of shared children that many agencies get. There are so many waiting children, and I am overwhelmed just being aware of it all! I signed up years ago on rainbow kids, so if there is a waiting child that matches what we were open to, they email it to me. For months I have been getting tons of these emails, and I look at every one of their little faces and pray their families find them soon! Please, if you have ever thought of adopting, or adopting again, now is the time to consider it, there are so many!!!

Oh, and you might want to take a peek at this precious angel, Lilyann's new little friend, here .


Cora said...

so good to see referrals. I wish China would allow switching agencies so that those children became available to all who were interested.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for them!!