Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So blessed!

Today I got to kiss the biggest, most squishable cheeks you can imagine, as the cutest little baby ever smiled back at me.

I got to hug my 3 yr. old as she cried and ran off the stage at talent night at church.

I got to listen to my 8 yr. old as she recited 3 sweet poems that she wrote herself during talent night.

I got to sit down at lunch time with my entire family, as wednesdays are a day we are all home, no work!

I got to eat another vegetarian torta! Yum. Yes, I am addicted.

I got to work on my quilt that is almost finished!

I got to watch the coverage on Haiti and see a 5 yr. old boy that was just rescued after 8 days. He's alive!!!

I got to talk to my Dad who is out of town on a long vacation.

I got to watch my daughters as they enthusiastically learned something new today, and were so excited! Thanking the Lord again for the gift of homeschooling!!!

I blessed!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous post! We are just all so blessed indeed aren't we?

Handwoven Dreams said...

What a precious post! We DO have a foster baby right now and will probably have him for another week or two. I really enjoy reading your news!