Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Michelle's Vegetarian Torta

I promised to post some of the recipes for the foods we are eating here as we focus on whole, raw, and getting in as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible.
I made my own rendition of a torta this week, and it turned out great! This is one of those foods you eat, and then you eat again, and again, and again, because it is so good! I have literally had one (or two!) of these a day for the last four days! I love mexican food, and there is no shortage of it around here, and I have been lucky to find some very authentic mexican food places nearby. One of my favorites is the Torta, or mexican sandwich. Although most people eat these with meat, I always order mine with no meat, just all the veggies! The waitress always looks at me funny, but I assure her that I just want the veggies. Yum! And so much healthier! Torta's usually come on a big oval shaped white mexican bread bun, like the one pictured above. This is the only downside, as I really don't need all the extra carbs and calories. So, I got to thinkin', I wonder if I could make my own Torta at home? I did, and like I said above, have not stopped eating them yet. Here is my recipe:
Michelle's Vegetarian Torta
sliced avocado
sliced onion
sliced tomato
jalapeno, roasted, or sliced out of a jar
shredded cabbage
fat free refried beans
light mayo
Orowheat Sandwhich thins-multi grain or whole wheat (these are buns you can get in the hamburger and hot dog bun section of the grocery store). They are thin=less carbs! I love these!
I spray a frying pan, and brown my buns on the inside first. Then spread a layer of light mayo on each side, along with a layer of fat free refried beans on each side. Next, fill up your Torta with as many raw veggies as you can! If you love mexican food, I promise you will want to eat one of these every day for a long time! And don't feel guilty, they are very low in calorie, and packed full of nutrients! Enjoy!!!


Pam said...

I love this torta - so healthy and flavorful.

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicous!!