Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Foster care update

It has been awhile since I last updated on our foster babies! (FYI, in the sidebar, I have info, and a sneek peek at each of them)
Baby L has been with us since she was 7 weeks old, and she will be two years in a few months! She is still as adorable as ever, talking, climbing, laughing and smiling. Her mom was found not guilty a few months back, and was told to work hard toward her goals to get baby L back. She was highly motivated, (or at least it came across this way), but after she attended a short rehab program, she never called to visit with her again..we are a bit surprised, since she has all along shown a lot of interest. The termination of parental rights trial is coming up in June, but her attorney is asking about us doing an open adoption. This would mean baby L's mom would have to relinquish her rights to her before this trial comes up. As far as the relatives are concerned, the social worker told us that they have not called in months, so at this point, they are looking at an open adoption with us. Of course, I am cautiously optimistic at this turn of events, as I know we could be told something different the next time we talk to the social worker. Please keep baby L and us in your prayers, as it is FINALLY coming down to the end of this case (I hope!) and baby L should soon know where her permanent home will be!!  Next month we will be in court, so I hope to have some specific details and find out much more!

Baby C turns one year old this week!! She has been walking for a month already! She is happy, cute, and very attached. She is right on track developmentally-so she has made wonderful strides since I brought her home from the hospital as a tiny preemie last year.  Last month in court her plan got changed to adoption! Whoo hoo! Due to the nature of this process, the next hearing to update the status isn't until July:(
Her parents show up to every court hearing but they have not participated in even one aspect of the services they have been offered. So we continue to wait...and wait...and wait.

Thankfully, through this process of caring for foster babies, we have truly learned to surrender it to the Lord. We live each day, knowing the Lord is ultimately in control of their destiny, and we love them up, and train them up the best way we know how. And you know what? We are blessed beyond measure.


Jill said...

Haven't been to bloggy land in ages, but popped in and was sooo happy to see this update! Glad youare all happy, healthy and doing well :)

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, remembering. Twenty-three years ago we became foster parents and fostered for 6 years. We fostered 23 kids, most of them eventually being adopted out. Your post reminded me of all the court dates, the parents not showing up, etc. etc. Two of the three children we adopted came to use through fostercare. It's so good to read your post and to hear how well the kids are doing. And like you, we always knew God was in control of every situation. Hugs

Penelope said...

Prayers to these babies. Just reading about them gives me a peace that they will be yours! Relinquishment is better in that it doesn't affect future children. We were able to keep our Lil Bit after having him only a few months, and his final termination hearing is this month. Then he will officially be an orphan available for adoption!