Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visit with Social Worker...

Today baby C's social worker stopped by for a visit. He asked about what terms we could offer for an open adoption with her. He wrote down the terms we would be comfortable with and is going to take this information to the parents to discuss. This subject has not yet been brought up with them, and we both believe they will not agree to it, so this case will have to go to tpr-termination of parental rights. The reason they want to offer this now, is because if they were to agree to it, we could start the adoption process now. If they don't agree to it, the waiting game will continue, and the tpr trial will most likely not be scheduled until December 2011 or January 2012. This is due to the courts being booked out that far. They will set the date sometime in July, and they are usually six months out. is unlikely that these parents will agree to an open adoption right now, as they like to contest everything, so unless I hear otherwise, her case will probably not end for close to another year!

I also got a call from the GAL regarding baby L. She was wondering if I had heard from her social worker. She said there are emails going around still talking about the open adoption/relinquishment, so she was wondering what was happening with all of it. I have not heard a word from the social worker, so we both tried to contact her today, to find out if there is an update...let's hope she calls back with some "real" news tomorrow. I am so ready to hear something. I just want to hear that some decisions are being made in the best interest of this sweet baby. She has been with us for 20 months now.....I hope to have an update soon!!!

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