Thursday, March 10, 2011

Open Adoption

We have now been asked by the social worker of each of our foster babies about open adoption. They both wanted to double check with us again if we are still willing to adopt both of them, and they wanted to know what terms we would want in an open adoption.

Both situations are very different. Baby L has a young mother, and no father involved. She has shown interest in the past but currently is not and is not following her plan.
Baby C has both parents, who are together, but failing to follow through with any services, and her case is heading in the adoption direction as well.

The attorney's for these parents are suggesting that they relinquish their child. At that point, they will be legally free, and the adoption process can start. If they relinquish, they have a chance at the open, or semi-open adoption, therefore, remaining in contact with their child. Another reason a relinquishment is better for the parents is because, if they bring another child into the world, the state will again go through the process of providing them with the option to engage in services, and become healthy enough to parent their child. If they do not relinquish, then I am told the termination of parental rights trial is held, the parents lose their rights, and have no option of an open adoption or ever seeing their child again.

I have learned a lot about this process over the last year. I am starting to see a bit of light at the end of this long, long, very long tunnel!

Hopefully we will hear an update soon on whether or not the parents of both are willing to make a relinquishment/open adoption plan!


trina said...

They sounds like such sweet baby girls. Can't wait to see their faces. :)

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