Sunday, March 27, 2011

Haven't jumped off yet!

The roller coaster, for baby L's case, that is! After signing the open adoption agreement last week, we were told by the SW that things would go pretty quickly after that. She said we would be in court within the next few weeks, and she would keep us posted. Then I contacted the GAL/CASA who said that the attorney for her mom who wrote up the agreement had not yet presented it to baby L's mom. She wanted to get all of our signatures first. I have a feeling she had talked to baby L's mom about it, but had not yet shown her the paperwork. Or, maybe not? Now we continue to wait. I hope to hear something this week. We have always been very supportive of baby L's mom, but we now know she is not following through, and the past few months were her last chance at gaining her back. She has not attempted to visit with her daughter in over 3 mos. Since she did not participate in what she needed to do to get her back, the open adoption is her next best option. If she does not sign the agreement, we will be heading to court in about 8 weeks for her tpr-termination of parental rights trial, which she would lose based on non compliance with her plan. So, I really hope she undertands this, and will sign the open adoption agreement. I have been praying that she will somehow be at peace with it when she signs. I really want her to have the option of an open adoption, so I pray she makes the right choice.

I really want off this roller coaster. I never liked roller coasters anyway, I never ride them at amusement parks. And this one has been never ending, like the longest ride ever...I am so ready to jump off!

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Anonymous said...

Praying and praying and praying and praying and praying and praying and, well, praying ;)

I'm also praying a lot for L's first mama! And hoping some how she knows people like you care so much for her!

Just as an FYI you have three blank blog posts showing up in reader directly underneath this one!

Have a super day!