Monday, May 5, 2008

6 months with you!!!

Lilyann, 6 months ago today, far away in China, you were handed to me by your nanny. You were sleeping, so peaceful, and sweet. I felt so much love for you, even in that moment.
You came home with us, to a brand new life. At 16 mos. of age, you were so little and you just liked to sit and play quietly with your cups. You could not walk, talk, or eat yet.
This was the first bite you took of something solid. It took lots of coaxing, and demonstrations on my part, and you finally trusted me enough to take that first bite. You knew right then and there that this food thing was something good!
You are such a little love bug. You give me kisses all the time. You love to be snuggled, and you love to sit on my lap and read books. You are also very loud now! You make yourself well known everywhere you go! You are a unique and special child, with your own little sparkle!
You are a ham! You do silly things like this! You don't mind getting messy! You love baths and bubbles! You make us smile and laugh daily! We can't believe how much you have grown and blossomed in just 6 months! We love you baby girl! Keep smiling that darling smile of yours! We are so thankful to God for bringing you into our lives!!!!!


Kindra said...

Happy 6 month anniversary with your precious daughter! It looks like she has brought so much love and joy to your family! She is so sweet. :)

Handwoven Dreams said...


She is just so very precious! Congratulations on your 6th month anniversary! In many ways it seems like just yesterday that we came home with Miah. I can see so much change in her also - she has learned to swing, ride a bike without training wheels, lost baby teeth, and so much more. She is truly an inspiration to me.

Take care,

chicknboy said...

what a sweet little tribute to your sweet baby girl!
she does have a darling smile!

Anonymous said...

YAY for the 6th month Gotcha Day!! She is precious!

Ronda said...

So sweet-I remember Lilyann coming out to your family and snapping pictures like crazy-Jocelyn was so worried that we would not take enough pictures. We are truely blessed.

art said...

Lilyann looks wonderful! I bet her kisses are as sweet as she is. Congrats on 6 months!!

Adreanna & Addison

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

she is beautiful!! I have 2 little girls from Chna

Michelle said...

6 months already!? She sure has blossomed and done so much since joining your family. A belated Happy Mother's Day!