Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Urgent prayers needed...

If you haven't yet heard, a tragedy has just occured in the family of Steven Curtis Chapman. You can read about it here

Their youngest daughter, who was adopted from China, has just been killed in an accident in their driveway. Their teenage son was driving the vehicle that killed her. I cannot comprehend the pain they are going through.

I can say that I know people who have been through something almost exactly like this. A few years ago some friends of ours lost their youngest daughter, then a year and a half old, when her teenage uncle accidentally ran over her in their driveway. They were a strong christian family, and she was the youngest of 7 kids. It was a funeral I will never forget, as I watched this family mourn, but with their faith intact, and the uncle was one of the men that assisted in carrying her casket. I was stunned, as I am now, and I pray that God's perfect peace will cover the Chapman family during this most difficult time.

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Ronda said...

So sad. My prayers are with them.