Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mothering, part 2

As a teen, I discovered my mom was having an affair. At that moment I confronted her, only to hear lies. Through a private investigator, we all had proof, and later we all watched, as my mom moved her stuff out of the house. It was at that moment, that, what I knew to be family was now over.

Through this situation, I learned how much I needed God. God, in His faithfulfulness, met me, and I knew in my heart He would always be there for me, as long as I walked and trusted in Him.

A few years later I got married. Mothering was far from my mind at that point. I entered the working world, as well as carried the load of a college student. I picked a career that I learned to love. Occupational therapy. School was hard for me, but with this career choice came a lot of hands on work, creative classes, and time out in the field working in a variety of clinical settings. This was the part I loved! I loved helping people. I got to spend time in nursing homes, schools for the profoundly delayed, state mental hospitals, public schools, child care settings and hospitals. It was an adventure! During my last year of school, I also worked a part time job at a group home for chronically mentally ill adults. This was interesting, challenging, yet disturbing at the same time. I finally graduated, and chose an area to specialize in: pediatrics. That very year, a brand new facility opened in our city. It was the first of it's kind. With a collaboration of many agencies, an all encompassing pediatric center for children with special health care needs was born. I landed a job there. It was definately a dream come true. I loved my job from day one!!! I had the privlege of working closely with families and children with a wide range of special needs. It was never boring. I got to "play" with kids all day...and I got paid for it! Of course, the "play" was very specialized, and targeted whatever goal the child had, but we always had fun! I felt so thankful and blessed to have a job I could go to every day that I absolutely love, and still do!!

I have another job too! It's one I love even more!!! I can't wait to tell you about it in my next post!


Eric and Michelle said...

How you recognize the Lord makes me think of one of my favorite bible stories. Joseph...things appeared to go so wrong but the Lord had an amazing plan!

~~ said...

What a somber time that must have been.... you have come such along way. The Lord is amazing isn't he?