Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring treasures...

We have begun the big "barn cleaning", and let me tell you, it is the most digusting job I have ever done. So, I thought about doing a before and after picture of our barn project, but decided it was just too unpleasant, so instead I will share some of the more delightful spring photos I have. I just love this new "window" bird feeder we have. When the birds finally got hungry enough, and brave enough, they started landing in it and staying for awhile. Our dining room table sits right in front of this window, so we get an up close and personal nature study right there at dinner.
Here's a closer view. The finches have now turned a bright golden yellow, this photo was taken a few weeks back.
We also hung our hummingbird feeder out on our front porch. Now we just wait for that first hummingbird sighting!
We have many different types of daffodils around, but this is my favorite!
I have this old pie safe sitting on an old farm table out on the patio. Inside there are some antique garden tools, and this old fabric bowl. I was surprised to find that Miranda's kitten, Winter, has decided that this is her new bed!
My tulips are blooming this week! They are my all time favorite flower! I hope to get out there and cut some to bring inside. We have had a busier than usual shedule lately. I hope to just sit back and relax next week, and take in the sounds and sights of spring.


Kindra said...

I really love your pie safe! And what fun to have the birds brave the bird feeder by the window. I'm sure that is fun for you and your family to watch!
I hope to start a webstore soon...just don't know when. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Suzanne said...

What a fun bird feeder! We have one hanging from a tree that we can see from our kitchen window, but yours is "up close and personal"! Thanks for sharing pretty spring photos....spring hasn't quite arrived in our area. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. You are very talented!

Tereasa said...

Sweet! Can I come visit?

Val said...

Love your birdfeeder--I'm going to have to get one for our windows by the table. The girls would love it, if the birds would become brave enough!

I was blessed by your "mom posts." Just beautiful to read about your journey. Your children are very fortunate! Thanks for posting the link here from WSNCC! Enjoyed reading and seeing all the lovely pics!